Activity Ratings

Bicycle Ride Ratings

AHTC bicycle activities are gauged by the following chart.

Rating Description
A 30-50 miles on flat terrain or 20-35 miles with hills. Road may have heavy traffic.
B 15-30 miles on flat terrain or 10-20 miles with hills. Roads may have traffic.
C 10-15 miles on flat terrain, or 10 miles with hills. Quiet streets or bike paths.

Equipment for A & B rides consists of a lightweight bicycle with multiple gearing, water bottle, tire pump, extra tube, repair kit, helmet and riding gloves. We also suggest bike shorts. Riders will not be left by the wayside, but are expected to be self-sufficient. A buddy system is in effect for the last two riders. Equipment for C rides consists of a bicycle in good, safe repair, water bottle, tire pump, extra tube, repair kit, and helmet. C rides will have a leader and a sweep.

Hike Ratings

AHTC hiking activities are gauged by the following chart. Please consider the rating below and also the pace prior to signing up for an activity. Pace refers to the average moving speed while hiking.

  • A "SLOW" pace is less than 2.0 mph.
  • "MEDIUM" (or unlisted) hikes have a pace of 2.0 - 2.5 mph.
  • A "FAST" pace is greater than 2.5 mph.
Rating Miles Elevation Gain
A+ 20+ 4000+ ft.
A 16 - 20 3000 - 4000 ft.
A- 14 - 16 2500 - 3000 ft.
B+ 12 - 14 2000 - 2500 ft.
B 10 - 12 1500 - 2000 ft.
B- 8 - 10 1100 - 1500 ft.
C+ 6 - 8 800 - 1100 ft.
C/D 2 - 6 400 - 800 ft.

Camping Ratings
Rating Description
Facilities Available Toilet facilities on-site.
BYOPP Bring your own potties or arrange to share.

Members, please pay attention to the activity rating given a hike or bike ride. The ratings were designed to give participants an indication of the difficulty of an activity in advance. Some hikes and bike rides sponsored by AHTC are arduous and can be dangerous for less experienced members. It is extremely important that members wear suggested clothing and carry required equipment (hiking boots, helmets, gloves, etc.). If you have any questions or doubts about the difficulty of the activity or your ability to participate safely, please contact the activity leader. We want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe time on AHTC sponsored activities.